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Cyan Fluorite Natural Healing Crystal Pipe

Cyan Fluorite Natural Healing Crystal Pipe

$ 85.00

$ 120.00


About the Pipe: 

The Cyan Fluorite Crystal Pipe is a beautiful fluorescent shade of green. It is sure to stand out wherever you bring it!

We only use the highest quality stainless steel filters to insure they are safe to use. You can also purchase additional glass filters!

The Cyan Fluorite Crystal Pipe includes a carb hole on the left side of the pipe! 


Healing Properties of Cyan Fluorite:

This crystal emits a very stable energy which allows you to grow at a more even pace rather than becoming enveloped in any potential chaos.

This stability will apply especially to your relationships as well as your role in groups, and it will allow you to flourish in the arena you belong in.

It brings stability to your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies. Fluorite enables you to draw the Universal Energy in to help you be at your physical peak. 

Vibration: 7

Astrological Sign: Pisces and Capricorn