Logo Guidelines


Primary brand logotype

It’s the clearest way to identify Calli visually, so we should sign off all of our communications with this logotype.

Logo Variations

For even greater flexibility, you can use these variations on the logo 

Logotype don’ts

To make sure our logotype appears as consistently
as possible throughout our communications
we’ve identified a few ways we don’t want
our logotype to appear.

Do not use drop shadows or other computer rendered effects on any of our logos.

Do not pick your own colours and apply it to our logo in any situation.

Be mindful of stretching our logo out of proportion. Only stretch it with locked constraints.

We need to maintain a professional distance with our partners’ logos.




Primary brand colours

Our colours are just as important as our logo, so we must make sure we’re using the right ones.


Our typefaces combine to enhance the Calli brand image.

Source Sans Pro

primary typeface

Algreya Sans

primary typeface