Say Goodbye to Cheat Days &
Say Hello to Calli.

Better for you ice cream that is low in calories and sugar, high in protein, but full on flavour. Some call it magic, we call it Calli.

Say Goodbye to Cheat Days & Say Hello to Calli.


One is not enough, grab a bundle!


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Breakups are easy. Choosing a flavour is hard.



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Calli vs The World

At an average of just 350 calories per pint, Calli delivers full flavour with just 1/3rd the calories of typical premium ice cream which typically packs in over 1,000 calories per pint!


Typical Nutritional Profile / Serving*
per 1/2 cup (125ml)

Calories – 88kcal

Sugar/ Net Carbs – 9g

Fat – 2g

Protein – 10g


Typical Premium Ice Cream

Typical Nutritional Profile / Serving
per 1/2 cup (125ml)

Calories – 250kcal

Sugar / Net Carbs – 25g

Fat – 25g

Protein – 3g

*Nutritional profile varies per flavour

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